We’re Luke & Holly


Two almost married humans who love lazy days and sleeping in just as much as we love each other. Other things we love: greasy pizza, and going on adventures.

Most people call us wedding videographers, but we prefer the term wedding filmmakers. You might be asking, “is there a difference?” To us, a video simply portrays what happened in a moment of time. A film on the other hand, takes you on an adventure. It tells a story. You feel like you’re on an emotional roller-coaster. When you finish, you say “that was epic.” And that is our goal – to make you look back on your wedding and feel just how epic it actually was.

When we’re not filming or editing, we’re usually at the beach trying to tan (Holly more successfully, me… not so much), at the Apple store (I’m a huge nerd), or planning our next trip. I’m also a Landscape Architect… not even Holly knows what I do – she tells people I draw trees. Let’s run with that.

Even though we are born and bred in the ‘Shire’ we actually met in Fiji on schoolies 10 years ago. Holly finished her girlfriend apprenticeship last year and I asked her to Marry me on Lake Louise… woot woot. We’ve been together for 10 years and tie the knot in Feb 2020! Going through the whole journey of planning and having a wedding has given us a fresh perspective on how special of a day it really is.

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